Friday, June 15, 2007


Sushi and Tequila???

A strange combination to say the least. But, a new hotel bar, Sushi-Teq, is trying to make it work. Today's Boston Globe has a positive review of Sushi-Teq. The bar serves only sushi and not any other Japanese food. It is a small place which seats 30 people. One advantage they have is that the chef is Toru Oga, who runs the famed Oga's in Natick as well as being part owner of the Ginza restaurants. So, the sushi is probably very inventive and tasty.

You can check out their menu which begins with some educational info on sushi. Prices do seem a bit above average but not outrageous. The menu also has some educational info on tequila and then lists the tequila, margaritas and cocktails they carry. Finally, the menu discusses Salsa music, which they play at the bar.

The review also mentions that Mix 98.5 is running a promotion this month on Tuesday nights, offering THREE shots of tequila to anyone who visits the bar.

It certainly seems an interesting place and I will have to check it out.

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Anonymous said...

You should definitely try this place if you haven't. The blueberry/lychee and the mojito margaritas are great.