Monday, June 25, 2007

Spanish Wine Makers Tasting

Do you like Spanish wine? Would you like to learn more about how they are made?

If so, there is a special opportunity this weekend to meet and talk to six Spanish winemakers. On June 30 (Saturday), from 2-5pm, go to Acton Wine & Spirit Co. for a special tasting event.

The following Spanish winemakers will be in attendance:
Juanjo Galcera from Vinos Pinol
Pedro Alvarez from Ladera Sagrada
Carmen Sebastien from Falset Marca
Diego Magna from Magana
Emilie Esteve from Vinos Sin Ley & Castellar
David Sampredro from Cortijo

The wine store will be making this a party and they will have food. They will also have pens so the winemakers can autograph bottles. It should very interesting to get to chat with the wine makers, and they make some excellent wines, including many inexpensive value wines. There will be special pricing at the event so you should be able to get some good bargains.

I will be leading a group of the North Shore Winers to this tasting and eagerly look forward to it.

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