Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wine Store Websites

Most wine stores have their own websites but the biggest problem I have found with those sites is that many are not kept current. They can fail to list upcoming events, their new wines or special sales. So, how do you find out about these matters? How can learn what is coming up at your favorite wine store?

The best way I have found is to get on the wine stores' email lists. Most wine stores send out periodic emails that are far more current than their websites. Some send emails weekly while others are more monthly. And at least one sends emails every couple of days. These emails notify people of special tastings, sales, new wines, and much more. For some wines, of limited production, these email lists may be your best way to obtain a few of those wines before they sell out. With your advance notice, you can buy them quickly or get the store to hold some for you.

All you have to do to get on an email list is to send the wine store your email address. Their websites often have a place to sign up for their emails.

Here are a few wine stores and what you can expect from their emails.

The Beverly Wine & Beer Company sends out a very nice weekly email. It lists the wines that will be at their weekly tasting, the names of new wines they have just received, any upcoming special events, and usually even has a recipe.

Marty's actually has several different email lists, many geared to specific wine types or regions. Their emails are frequent, often every couple days or so. They commonly list new and special wines, as well as upcoming tastings and events. I very much enjoy their emails.

Lower Falls Wine Company is a very good wine store, but with a poor website. Their emails are sporadic but notify you of special wine tastings they have. And some of these tastings are very special events that are well worth attending. And you will never know of them just by reading their website.

So, sign up for the email lists of any local wine store you frequent. You will appreciate being kept up to date on what is going on.

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