Wednesday, April 16, 2008

L'Andana: Some Updates

I dropped by L'Andana for lunch and noted a few changes of interest.

First, they now have a 3 Course Pre-Fixe menu for Lunch. For $22, you get a choice of Zuppa (soup) or Insalata, then a choice of one of three entrees (including a Strip Steak, Chicken Milanese, or Salmon) and then either Tiramisu or Gelato for dessert.

Prior to my food arriving, we received two large slices of their usual warm bread. I previously noted that during Restaurant Week they had made some changes. Instead of giving you a bowl of oil and tomato, they already added it to the top of bread. They have returned back to the old way, giving you the bowl of oil and tomato and allowing you to smear it on your bread. I like that way much better and am glad they changed back to it.

My Mom and I both had the Pre-Fixe. She had the Zuppa, a Mushroom soup, which she thought was excellent, with a nice, rich flavor. I had the Insalata which also was very good, with a lightly sweet Vin Santo dressing. Then she had the Strip Steak, a good-sized piece of beef, Rosemary fries. She enjoyed the steak very much and I had some as well. The steak was tender and flavorful. The fries were very thin, soft and tasty. Very different than their Truffle fries but very good. I had the Chicken Milanese, one of my favorite dishes, and it was as delicious as ever. As well as quite large. We both then ordered the Tiramisu. The Tiramisu was not presented as expected. It came in a sundae glass, with the pieces of ladyfingers at the bottom, layers of Mascarpone, a layer of chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate atop. We both loved this dessert. Everything blended well together without any one flavor overpowering the others. It was smooth and tasty, chocolaty and quite delicious. You definitely need to try their Tiramisu!

Service was excellent as usual. At $22, I think this lunch is a very good deal. 3 courses, all good-sized, and the food is very tasty. You definitely save money over if you had ordered each course separately.

Second, they also have a 3 course Pre-Fixe Menu for Dinner for $38 though I do not know the choices on that menu. Though I will be sure to check that out soon.

Third, the Dinner menu has undergone a few other minor changes here and there. They have a couple new Appetizers such as a Scampi and Stuffed Artichoke. They don't have the Veal Milanese on the meny though do have the Chicken still. They also have a Lamb dish, a Braised Colorado Shank. Plus, they have a new Beef Rib Roast, in either a Single Cut or Double Cut. And that comes with a Warm Popover (one of my favorite breads!). There are even a few more Contornoi, including Olive Oil Whipped Potato and Wild Mushroom Risotto.

I like that L'Andana continually makes some changes to their menu. It helps the restaurant from becoming stale, from giving you the same old choices all the time. And the quality of their food has remained consistently good. It continues to be one of my favorite restaurants.

86 Cambridge Street
Burlington, MA
Phone: (781) 270-0100

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L'Andana sounds wonderful - will definitely try out the lunch or brunch some time soon!