Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Welcome Return of Chef Bell

I received some excellent news this bright, sunny morning. Chef Stephen Bell, formerly of Savory Tastes Cafe in Reading, will soon be the Executive Chef at a North shore restaurant.

As you may remember, Savory Tastes Cafe closed last fall and to me, it was the saddest culinary event of 2007. Savory Tastes Cafe had been one of my favorite restaurants and it was shocking that such a talented Chef had to close his beloved restaurant. But Chef Bell is returning to another restaurant and that is certainly a reason to be joyful.

The exact location of the restaurant has not yet been announced, but will be sometime during the next few weeks. During the next month, Chef Bell will be working on menus and other items for his endeavor. We do know that the new location will have a full bar with televisions and more seating. Chef Bell also hopes to bring back his monthly theme events.

I am very excited about this news. I will definitely check out his new restaurant as soon as it opens. Chef Bell is a very passionate man and I fully expect that he will ensure this new endeavor lives up to the same high standards as the former Savory Tastes Cafe. When I get more information about the restaurant, I will be sure to report back.

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