Tuesday, January 17, 2017

All About Greek Wine & Spirits

"Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was every granted by the gods to man."

For over 4000 years, wine has been a significant element of Greek culture, something few other wine regions can say. The Greek word for wine, which can be traced back over 3000 years, is oenos. The ancient Greeks loved wine and it figured into much of their life with even their philosophers waxing poetically about wine. During the last twenty-five years, the Greek wine industry has undergone much renovation and change, bringing their production processes into the modern world. However, despite its lengthy history, Greek wine seems to lack the recognition it deserves.

A significant number of wine stores carry few, if any Greek wines, and I've been told by some shop owners that Greek wines don't sell. Too many consumers haven't tasted Greek wines and even a significant portion of wine lovers seem to have little experience with Greek wines. For years, I've been promoting Greek wines, as each time I attend a Greek wine tasting, I find more reasons to love their wines. And it's long overdue that Greek wines receive more attention.

Let's bring about that change.

"Where there is no wine there is no love."

To help bring more visibility to Greek wines and spirits, I compiled the links to my Greek wine & spirit-related posts into this single article. This post will be a repository of those articles and I will update it when I write another article about Greek wines. To start, let me provide you some reasons why you should be drinking more Greek wines.

Greek Wines: Why Aren't You Drinking Them?
Ten Reasons To Drink Greek Wine

"The best kind of wine is that which is most pleasant to him who drinks it."
--Pliny the Elder

And now onto some reviews of specific Greek wines and spirits:
An Odyssey Greek Wine Tasting with Cava Spiliadis
2015 Ktima Tselepos Nemea Driopi: The Blood of Heracles
2014 Ktima Katsaros Valos: The Threshold of Acid-Black
2011 Ktima Biblia Chora Biblinos: A Mystery Grape
2013 Ktima Gerovassiliou Avaton: Reaching Back Thousands of Years
Alpha Estate: More Greek Wines For Summer
Sparkling Rosé from Kir-Yianni: Greece For The Win
Two Compelling Greek Wines At Committee
2015 Kir Yianni Akakies Rosé: A Summery Greek Wine
Committee: New Greek Spirits To Explore
BISq: Parparoussis Winery & Greek Delights
Wines of Crete: A Taste of History & Terroir
Greek Wines: Specific Recommendations
T.W. Food: A Taste of Greece
Greek Wines: Athenee Importers-Part 2
Greek Wines: Athenee Importers-Part 1
Greek Wines: Katogi-Strofilia
Greek Wines: Tsantali
Greek Wines: Oinotheque Emery 
Greek Wines: Ktima Pavlidis winery
Greek Wines: Gai'a Wines
Boston Wine Expo: Greek Wines
2000 Lidakis Archanes

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