Monday, February 14, 2011

Non-Rant: Embrace The Passion

Today is Valentine's Day, a time of love and passion, so it is not an appropriate time for a Rant.  Instead, let me ask my readers to embrace their passion.

What is passion?  The word supposedly derives from an ancient Greek term "paskho" which basically means "to suffer," and some modern dictionaries provide that as an obselete definition. That meaning has changed over time, and now a popular definition is that it is an intense interest in a person, place, object, activity, cause, etc.  To me, passion also helps give meaning to life, elevating mere existence to a higher purpose. Without any passion in our lives, we might as well be automatons, simply going through the motions without experiencing positive and fulfilling emotion.

I have a passion for food and drink, and suspect my readers may have similar passions, or you probably would not be reading me.  Continue to embrace those passions, to let food and drink bring joy to your lives.  If you possess other passions, embrace those as well.  It is not important the nature of your passion, as long as you possess passion for something.  And feel free to have multiple passions, as people are certainly capable of possessing more than a single passion.  As an example, besides food and drink, I also have a passion for books, being a voracious and eclectic reader.

It is those people who have not embraced their passion though who need to listen the most.  They might work too many hours, feeling too exhausted to embrace any passion.  But their lives may be monotonous and boring, the same drudgery day in and day out.  They exist but they do not really live, not in a fuller sense.  They need to find some time for their passion, to bring some light into their dreary existence.  You probably know people like that and I encourage you to help them find and embrace their passion.

Embracing your passion can take many forms. You don't have to write about them as I do.  The key is simply bringing joy to your life with the object of your passion.  That should be easy for anyone to do. Just find what brings you joy and allow it into your life.

Happy Valentine's Day and embrace your passion.         

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