Sunday, February 13, 2011

Upcoming Sake Events

March is shaping up to be Sake Month in the Boston area as I will be presiding at several sake events, including a class, a couple tastings and a dinner. These should all be fun, informative and interesting and I hope to see many of you there.  This is the perfect time to learn more about sake, and to correct your misconceptions about this compelling drink.  Plus, there are more potential events in the near future which should prove equally as interesting. 

1) Want to learn more about Sake? Then you can do so at my upcoming "Chilling With Sake" class at the Boston Wine School on Wednesday, March 16, at 6:30pm. This will be a fun introduction to the realm of sake, covering diverse topics such as sake history, the brewing process, sake types, rituals & customs, terminology and much more. No prior knowledge of sake is required to take this class.  We will taste through a number of sakes, as well as enjoy sushi. Don't be intimidated by sake any longer. Instead, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to safely navigate a restaurant's sake menu or a wine store's sake selection.

2) After the recent fun and success of the Sherry and Thai dinner, I will be returning to Ronnarong in Somerville on March 8, Thai Tapas Tuesday, for Sake and Thai. The details are still being worked out, such as which Sakes will be poured, but mark down the date on your calendar. Space will be limited so once sign up starts, you should reserve a space quickly to ensure you can be there. Thai Tapas Tuesdays are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Order a drink and your tapas is free! (drink price must equal or exceed tapas price)

3) Almost in my backyard, I will be presiding at a Sake tasting at the Wine Cellar of Stoneham, located in the B.J.s Wholesale Club in Stoneham, tentatively scheduled for March 20, from 1pm-3pm..  The store was a Runner-Up Discount Wine Store in my 2010: Favorite Wine & Spirit Related Items.  They have excellent, discounted prices and the sakes I will be pouring will have some of the lowest prices in the state.

4) Pizzeria Posto, located just off Davis Square, was one of my Favorite Restaurants of 2010, and has a top notch brunch, delicious pizzas and killer pasta. I am currently working with Chef/owner Joseph Cassinelli on a Sake-paired Italian dinner for a likely Tuesday or Wednesday night during the last two weeks in March.  This multi-course dinner will showcase several different sakes, presenting how sake can pair well with Italian cuisine. Think umami, as that fifth taste will be put to the test.  More details will soon follow and I think this dinner will really be an exciting experience.

5) Very tentatively, there could be a Sake-pairing dinner in the future at The Melting Pot.  First, Sake and cheese is a great pairing so a cheese fondue would work well with sake. Second, the entree fondues certainly resembles Japanese shabu-shabu, and sake would likely pair well with that too. The type of fondue broth would certainly dictate the type of sake to pair with it, but that would just be a matter of the proper combination.  And there are dessert-style sakes you could pair with chocolate fondue too.  So, when I know more details about the possibility of Sake & Fondue, I will post about it.

6) There are a couple other potential events that I am working on, but can't reveal the details yet.  Please also remember that if you want to run a sake-event at your wine store, restaurant, school, function, etc., please contact me to discuss it.  Sake is a very versatile, diverse and delicious beverage.

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