Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Deluxe Holiday Tasting-Saturday

The Lower Falls Wine Co. has regular wine tastings on Saturdays from 12-4pm. But this Saturday, December 8, they will be holding a special Deluxe Holiday Tasting.

Here is what they say about this tasting: "During this time of year, many distinctive, fantastic and over-the-top bottles are served and consumed with relish. Perhaps you have personally been on the receiving end of such munificence. In keeping with this spirit, on Saturday, we'll be opening an assortment of bottles that retail for over $100/bottle! This is a great opportunity to find a gift for your favorite wine connoisseur or to treat yourself."

This would be a great chance to taste some wines that you normally may not purchase or get a chance to taste. If I already did not have other plans, I would definitely be there. I know the wines will be good, as usual, so if you can go, I recommend that you do.

Lower Falls Wine Co.
2366 Washington Street (Rt. 16)
Newton Lower Falls, MA
Phone: (617) 332-3000

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to let my parents know about this. They live nearby and I don't think they've ever gone to any events of this kind.