Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Poll #12: Results

Poll #12 has now ended and the poll question was: What is Your Favorite Type of Sparkling Wine?

There were 34 votes and the most popular choice, with 16 votes, was traditional French Champagne. Though more than half of the votes, 18 in all, voted for something other than Champagne. I think people may be realizing there are other, good alternatives to Champagne. There are people as well who dislike the yeasty flavor of Champagne and seek a fruitier choice.

Spanish Cava was the second most popular choice, with 6 votes. That is my preferred alternative to Champagne. Italian Prosecco though was a close third with 5 votes. U.S. Sparkling wines came in fourth with 4 votes and "Other" came in with 3 votes. "Other" could include such matters as Australian sparkling wines.

So, onto Poll #13. The question is, as the New Year approaches: What Region's Wines Would You Most Like to Learn About?

You may vote for multiple answers in this poll.

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