Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Links and More Links

Take a look at the left hand column of my blog and you will see numerous links to other websites and blogs. The links are currently categorized into Food Links, Food Markets & Stores, Foodie Blogroll, Wine Links, Wine Blogs, Sake Links, Local Wine Stores, Massachusetts Wineries, and New England Wineries. There are well over 100 links listed.

Additional categories and links are added all the time so be sure to continually check the link lists to see what might be new.

One primary purpose of all these links is to serve as a reference tool, to let you more easily find links of interest, whether it be for a a wine store in your local area or a place to find menus for local restaurants. The links also tell you about places and items that you may not have been aware of before. Maybe you never heard of Savenor's Market or Turtle Creek Winery. Take some time and click on the links. See where they take you.

Another significant purpose of the link lists is to share with you links to other bloggers. Each blogger has their own unique style and take on wine and food. They may offer new information or just a different viewpoint on information you already know. For example, no single site can provide reviews of every wine available. So if you are interested in a wine that a particular blogger has not reviewed, you might find another blogger who has reviewed that wine. You might want a recipe for cinnamon rolls, but could compare recipes from a number of food bloggers to find just the right recipe for you. You might want to know more about "terroir" and thus are looking for different views on that topic so will check with several different bloggers.

As the New Year approaches, I am trying to update my link lists, especially links to my fellow bloggers. New blogs start up all the time or I learn of old blogs for the first time. Sometimes a blog just slips through the cracks. Linking to fellow bloggers helps the overall blogosphere community. It is a show of solidarity to each other. It is an easy way to increase traffic to the blogs. And it is certainly easy to do.

So to my fellow bloggers: When was the last time you updated your link lists? Are there blogs that you have forgotten to add? Why not make some additions as the New Year approaches?

If I have neglected to add someone's blog, please tell me.


Anonymous said...

I add blogs all the time - the more the merrier! If I don't do it right away, I will usually forget about it. Every couple of months I go through all my links and check them, too. Nothing worse than clicking on a link and finding that the blog no longer exisits. I agree that it helps the overall blogosphere and helps strengthen the sense of community. (Psst... I'd love if you added me ;-) ) For the new year I am also going to try to comment on more blogs. Again - I think it helps the overall feeling of community.

Richard Auffrey said...

Thanks for your comments Carol. And I have added your link to my lists. I do read your blog so this is one of those cases where the link fell through the cracks. Wishing you the best in the New Year with your blog.

SB Wine Advocate said...

Great idea, I need to revise my list. We'd love if you added west coast wine country adventures


Richard Auffrey said...

Hi Amy and welcome to my blog.
I took a look at your site, my first time, and I think it is very good. I definitely will add a link to your site. Thanks.