Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Top Ten Wines Under $15

As 2008 approaches, it is a time for reflection upon the past year. It is also a common time for lists of the best, and sometimes worst, of the past year. Top Ten lists, Top 100 lists, and more. Wine Spectator already posted their own Top 100 list. Wine Enthusiast will soon publish their own Top 100 list. I am sure you may see plenty of such lists in magazines and online.

I will be posting a couple of my own Top Wine lists, one for Wines Under $15 and one for Wines Over $15.

First, I am providing here my Top Ten Wines Under $15. These are wines that during the past year I have both enjoyed very much and which I found to be particularly compelling for various reasons. They might be unique wines or excellent examples of their varietal. They standout for some reason. Each wine is linked to my more detailed review. The wines are not listed in any particular order and all are definitely worth your consideration.

1. 2006 Verdad Rose, California ($13)
2. 2004 Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino di Sardegna, Italy ($10).
3. 2005 Tenuta Pederanza Lambrusco “Grasparossa”, Italy ($13.99)
4. 2004 Conti Zecca Donna Marzia Negromaro, Italy ($9.99)
5. 2003 Vinho Tinto Palestra, Portugal ($8)
6. 2006 Vinho Branco "Grilos", Portugal ($13)
7. 2005 Falset Marca Falset, Spain ($9.99)
8. 2006 Ladera Sagrada Papa, Spain ($13.99)
9. 2005 El Burro Kickass Garnacha, Spain ($12)
10. 2006 Bodegas La Purisma Estio, Spain ($8.99)

As you can see, mostly Old World wines have made my list. I have tasted very few California wines this year that are inexpensive but also possess much character. I still feel that some of the best values in wines at this price point can be found in places like Spain and Portugal. They often taste like wines that would cost twice as much in other regions. The high number of Iberian wines on my list should please them over at Catavino.

I do have other recommendations for wines under $15 and you can find them by searching my blog. There are still many good buys available in this price range though you may have to do a bit of searching to find the best values.


Anonymous said...

I forsee a slew of "Top 10" lists in wine blog land. Interesting choices - most I am not familiar with.

Richard Auffrey said...

Most bloggers probably don't taste thousands of wines each year. So each blogger has a more limited pool of wines they taste and those pools may be very different from other bloggers. Thus, our Top Ten lists might be very different as we draw upon different pools. That makes our lists far more interesting. Our Top Ten lists may not share any wines in common, but that just gives us lots more suggestions to try.