Friday, December 21, 2007

2005 La Caplana Gavi di Gavi

The Gavi or Cortese di Gavi (DOCG) is located in the southeastern part of the Piedmont region, near Liguria. Only wines produced within the village of Gavi are permitted to bear the label "Gavi di Gavi". Gavi is made exclusively from Cortese grapes, an ancient varietal. Classic Gavi is supposed to be a simple wine with a chalky minerality to it.

The 2005 La Caplana Gavi di Gavi from Piedmonte ($14.99) is light yellow in color and has a nose of green apple. On the palate, those green apple flavors predominate with some mineral notes. It is a very crisp wine and pleasing to the palate. It is a simple wine in many respects, but also an enjoyable wine. The wine is balanced and definitely would pair well with seafood. That should not be surprising considering Gavi's closeness to the Ligurian coast.

If you want a different white wine, then give this Gavi a try.

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