Friday, December 28, 2007

Kissui Vodka

Vodka can be made from grains such as corn, wheat and rye. It can also be made from potatoes, such as one of my favorites, Chopin. France even makes vodka from grapes. And now there is a vodka made from rice.

Takara Sake, the makers of Sho Chiku Bai Sake, have begun to import the first Japanese vodka into the U.S. Kissui Vodka is 100% distilled from high quality rice. It is blended with Kyoto's famous Fushimizu spring water, noted for its purity. This is the same water used in several brands of Sake. They ise a special distilling process, called "Super-Allospas," though I am unsure of the specifics of this process. The vodka is 80%, like most other vodkas.

The label on the bottle bears a black and red Kabuki face, that looks kind of mean or angry. But, it is said that over the years the Kabuki has come to represent historical beauty.

Kissui Vodka may only be currrently available in California, though there is some indication that it might be available in New York too. I am very intrigued by this vodka. I love both premium sake and vodka, so think that a vodka made from rice could potentially be very good. I will try to obtain a bottle to taste and report back.

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