Saturday, January 19, 2008

Boston Wine Expo & Thomas Arvid

Maybe you cannot attend the wine dinner at Fleming's but still would like to meet Thomas Arvid. You will have another chance to meet you, at a different event.

I have previously posted about the upcoming 17th Annual Boston Wine Expo on February 8-10. I wanted to update you about the special appearance of Thomas Arvid at the Expo.

On February 9 & 10, from 1-5pm each day at the Expo, Dzian Gallery will present Thomas Arvid, a painter who specializes in art depicting wine and the rituals surrounding its consumption. Take a look at his website to see some of his work. He will be doing a book signing at the Expo. He might also have other items for sale, including his artwork, though I am not sure of that.

So when you go to the Expo and take a break from tasting, to rest your palate, why not stop by Arvid's booth and check it out. I will likely stop by on Saturday afternoon so maybe I will see you there.

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