Thursday, January 31, 2008

Saké Month: Wrap-Up

Saké Month ends today. During this past month, I have tried to educate people about Saké, to clear up some misconceptions about this wonderful beverage. I have provided a number of Saké reviews as well as additional resources where you can go for more information. I have even posted some amusing facts about Saké, such as how some people drink Saké from half of a hairy crab. I have received some positive comments about these Saké posts, which is always good to hear.

Though Saké month is ending, this is not the end of my posts about Saké. I will continue to post about Saké, about all different aspects of it. I may start a weekly Saké post, maybe creating "Saké Sunday," a special day each week for such posts. I greatly enjoy Saké so it is always a pleasure to write about it, to share my experiences with it. And there is much more to say about Saké, many more bottles to review. I also still need to get to New York City to visit Sakaya.

As I look back over this past month, I ran a poll on Saké consumption, asking whether people had ever tried chilled Saké and if they enjoyed it. Over half of the respondents had never tried chilled Saké before. Most of those who had tried chilled Saké before enjoyed it. So, one of my goals this month was to try to get people, who had never it before, to take a chance and taste a chilled Saké. I even ran a contest this month, to get people to try chilled Saké and then review it. The winner was to receive two Saké books.

Unfortunately, no one participated in the contest. That obviously disappoints me and I view Saké month as a partial failure. I had hoped to entice at least a few people into trying Saké but it appears I was unsuccessful. I will keep trying though as I firmly believe that more people would enjoy chilled Saké if only they would try it, if they would give it a chance. Forget your preconceptions about Saké and approach it with an open mind. What have you got to lose?


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