Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wine Book Club

In the spirit of Lenndevours' Wine Blogging Wednesday, Dr. Debs of Good Wine Under $20 has founded the Wine Book Club. This will be a chance for wine bloggers to catch up on their reading and to share their insights on the books they have read.

What will happen, is that every other month a book will be chosen by a wine blogger for review. All participating bloggers will read the book and post a review of their thoughts on their blogs. Those who do not have a blog can write a review and send it to the hosting wine blogger.

There will eventually be a central website for summaries, announcements, themes, and more. The new book selection will be announced on the first Tuesday of March, May, July, September, and November. Review postings will be done on the last Tuesday of the following month.

The first book has been chosen and reviews will be posted on February 26. The host for the first book selection is David McDuff of McDuff's Food & Wine Trail. Check out his site to see the title.

In addition to the bimonthly book selections, the Wine Book Club will also have "Spin the Bottle" where wine bloggers will write book reviews other books, usually those with a more narrow focus.

I am a voracious reader so I think this will be an enjoyable and educational activity. I look forward to participating and it seems many other wine bloggers have an avid interest as well. Why don't you participate too?

Please though check out Dr. Debs post on the Wine Book Club for many more details.


Dr. Debs said...

Thanks so much for the mention of the new club, Richard. I look forward to reading the books and discussing them with you--and others!

David McDuff said...

Hey Richard,
Thanks for the support. I'm looking forward to reading, hosting and to exploring the reviews from you and all of our other participants.

Richard Auffrey said...

You are both very welcome. The book club is an excellent idea and it is well worth supporting. I already have my copy of the first book, Vino Italiano, and have begun reading it. It will be good to see all the different thoughts on it, and all the future books.