Monday, January 7, 2008

Poll #14: Results on Sake Question

Poll #14 has now ended and the poll question was: What Has Been Your Prior Experience with Chilled Sake?

The top answer, with over half the votes (10 of 19), was "Never have had Chilled Sake." The second answer, with 5 votes, was "I am a big fan of Chilled Sake." There was a tie for third place, 2 votes each, between "Had Chilled Sake but did not like it" and "Had Chilled Sake and liked it."

The poll seems to indicate that many people still have not tried chilled Sake. Sake has started to make inroads in the U.S. but it still has far to go. But it is very positive that most of those who have tried chilled Sake have enjoyed it. I am hoping that one result of Sake Month on my blog is that more people will at least try some chilled Sake. I think many people would enjoy it if they would only give it a try.

So won't you give some chilled Sake a taste? As an added incentive, I will run a contest to try to get people to taste some chilled Sake.

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