Thursday, January 17, 2008

Summer Winter: Lunch Once Again

I returned to the new Summer Winter at the Burlington Marriot for lunch. My previous lunch experience had been excellent though my recent dinner experience was just good.

Interestingly, we sat at the exact same table that we had on my previous lunch visit, next to the windows looking out on the greenhouse. It is a good location and we could watch a woman tending to the plants.

We began our lunch with one of the Small Bites, House Made Seasonal Pickles ($3). It seems the norm that all Small Bites are accompanied by warm triangles of delicious pita bread. This is certainly a good thing. The pickles slices were good-sized and had an intriguing taste, a mix of mild sweet and sour, with a definite cucumber taste. Very good pickles and definitely something I would order again.

We also had Shrimp Escabeche ($14), which consisted of six shrimp that had been marinated in a mild sauce. They were on a plate with thin carrot slices and I think some type of onion. The shrimp seemed fresh and they tasted very good.

For lunch entrees, we had the SW Hamburger & Fries and the Fish Tacos.

The burger was actually a cheeseburger. It is a good-sized burger with what could be a tasty sharp cheddar cheese atop it. It comes on a soft, butter-grilled roll and accompanied by a large portion of crisp french fries with sea salt. The burger was quite juicy and flavorful. The fries were also quite good, cripsy with a good potato flavor. For a simple burger and fries, this was an excellent lunch.

The fish tacos consisted of three oval "fish sticks," filled with a sweet, flaky white fish and covered by a crunchy batter. These were certainly nothing like a bland frozen fishstick. You got to make up your own tacos, adding the fillings you wanted. Each tortilla has been grilled. You could fill the taco with salsa, ancho mayonnaise, and a hot sauce. You also received rice and beans. Again, this was another excellent lunch. Quantity and quality were both very good.

We even ordered dessert, though we had already eaten plenty. We chose the Chocolate & Caramel Sampler for Two. If you love chocolate and caramel, this will be your version of heaven. You get a large, rich chocolate/caramel brownie (with a small pile of whipped cream), a bowl of chocolate mousse and four chocolate/caramel cookies. The brownie was rich, moist and delicious. The mousse was intriguing and tasted like it had some kind of liquer in it. The cookies had thin, circular chocolate cookies with a thin layer of caramel between them. Another very delicious treat.

Ok, so this was another excellent lunch. Prices are reasonable, quantities are good and quality is very good. I would highly recommend Summer Winter for lunch. They make high-quality comfort food as well as fresh seafood and some creative appetizers.

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