Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Poll #13: Results

Poll #13 has now ended and the poll question was: What Region's Wines Would You Most Like to Learn About?

There were only 15 voters, though each voter could vote for multiple items. The top two choices, each with 6 votes, were South Africa and Portgual. Very close behind, with 5 votes each, were Oregon, Japanese Sake, and Israel/Lebanon.

This month, I have dedicated to Sake, so will provide much basic information about this unique and delicious beverage. I also plan to provide more information on many of the other countries mentioned in this poll as well. I even plan to visit Oregon wine country in the fall.

So, onto Poll #14. As this is Sake month, the question will be about Sake. Poll #14: What Has Been Your Prior Experience with Chilled Sake?

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