Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mukune "Root of Innocence"

One of the things I like about Saké is their creative names like Demon Killer, Divine Droplets, Snow Maiden, Time of Reflection, Wandering Poet and many more. The other night, I went for the "Root of Innocence."

Mukune Brand Premium Saké is made by Daimon Brewery (aka Sakahan). Sakahan was established in 1826, and is located in Japan's Osaka Prefecture. The "Mukune" name derives from the Village of Mukunewhich where Sakahan is located, at the foot of the scenic Ikoma mountain range. They are a small brewery and produce only about 90 kiloliters, fairly small by industry standards. Their Saké is especially known for its pure-rice flavors.

I tasted their Mukune "Root of Innocence" Junmai Ginjo ($42) Saké. It has a Seimaibuai of 55%, which makes it a Ginjo. It is made with Yamada Nishiki rice, what many consider to be the best Saké rice. It also has an alcohol content of 15% and a SMV of +2, which makes it basically a neutral Saké.

Though Ginjo Saké is usually lighter, this is actually a full-bodied Saké, with a rich flavor. It has a rice aroma which also comes out on the palate. On the palate, there is also some complexity, with more exotic fruits tastes. It also seems to have a tinge of sweetness, despite its SMV. It has a long and enjoyable finish. But this is not a beginner's Saké. Its complexity and rice flavors may not please a newcomer to Saké. Plus, it is not an inexpensive Saké. But for fans of Saké, this should please.

Because of its full body, this is a Saké that can stand up to stronger foods. With its slight sweetness, maybe pair it with a little spicy food, maybe something with Cajun spices.

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