Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wilson Farm

Once we left Concord this past Saturday, we headed into Lexington to continue our exploratory adventures. And the first place we stopped was Wilson Farm. I had heard of Wilson Farm before but had not been there before. And we decided to stop at the farm even before we knew its name. It just looked like a large farm and there were many cars parked there. We were hoping to find some fresh produce. And we found that and so much more.

Wilson Farm was founded in 1884 by Irish immigrants. They started with about sixteen acres of land and began to grow vegetables, which they would transport and sell at Quincy Market in Boston. Over time, it has remained in the Wilson family and the farm has expanded to thirty-three acres. Plus, they own another five hundred acress in Litchfield, New Hampshire. They grow many different fruit and vegetables, as well as raise chickens. Their philosophy is to engage in sensible, sustainable, environmentally responsible agriculture. Soil conservation and fertility is their single most important practice.

Their farm stand in Lexington is next to a full-service garden and open-air nursery featuring indoor and outdoor plants grown in their 37,000 square foot greenhouse. The farmstand sells more than just their vegetables and fruits. They sell produce from all over the world, plus fresh meat, gourmet cheeses, baked goods, poultry, their own fresh eggs, take-home meals, cut flowers, their own brand of soda and much more. I was amazed at how large this place was and how much they had to offer.

They had some of the freshest and best looking produce I have seen in a long time. They had a couple sample stations and what I tasted was fresh and delicious. They have a large variety of many items, such as easily a dozen types of mushrooms, if not more. Their produce put to shame some local supermarkets. Their baked good section was also impressive. I got some cheese English muffins which were at least twice as thick as most other English muffins. And I had some last night and they were delicious, plenty of cheese flavor in a soft, muffin. They even had cider donuts!!! Their meats, steaks, chicken, pork, etc., also looked excellent. They have their own brand of sodas, including a root beer. I tried the root beer and it was one of the best I have had in a while. It had an old-time flavor, more natural.

Prices of some items may tend to be a bit higher than the supermarkets but you are also getting a much higher quality product. Thus I dont think the items are overpriced for what you get. We left with three bags of groceries, and at a very reasonable price for all that we got. I was surprised that it did not cost more than it did.

I am definitely returning there and highly recommend that you go as well. Not only will you be getting a high quality product, but you will be supporting local farmers as well as a more eco-friendly farm.

Wilson Farm
10 Pleasant Street
Lexington, MA 02421
Phone: (781) 862-3900

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Pam said...

I don't know how they do it, but Wilson's has the best arugula I've ever had. It's spicy and delicious, and the leaves are always small and delicate (but can stand a good tossing in the salad bowl). Give it a try next time you go!