Thursday, March 20, 2008

WBW #44: French Cabernet Franc

The theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday #44 has now been announced and you don't have much time to prepare. Gary Vaynerchuk, who needs little introduction, of Wine Library TV is hosting this month and has chosen French Cabernet Franc to be the theme. Many such wines come from the Loire Valley of France.

You must post your review on April 2, which gives you only about two weeks. It might take a bit of hunting for these wines so you might want to start looking early.

Cabernet Franc is probably my least favorite grape, especially when it stands alone or is the dominant grape in a blend. It often has a vegetal/green pepper flavor which immediately turns me off. I have heard that there are some Cabernet Francs without that flavor, but I have not tasted any yet. So, it might be doubly hard for me, to not only find a French Cab Franc, but also to find one that I enjoy.

Anyone else out there in a similar situation, who also dislikes Cab Franc?

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