Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saké Sunday: Madoka Honjyozo Review

Poker and Saké. For me, it is a good combination. I play in a regular poker game with a small group of friends about once or twice a month. And many times I bring a bottle of Saké to drink over the course of the evening. Some of the other guys enjoy it as well. And as I just played poker the other night, I also tried a new Saké.

The Madoka Honjyozo ($24.99) is made by the Sasaichi Brewery in Japan. The brewery was founded in 1919 and they make their Saké with water from the Gozensui spring in the Yamanashi prefecture. As this Saké is a Honjozo, that means that some brewer's alcohol has been added to it, though its alcohol content is only 14.7%, similar to many wines. It also has a Saké Meter Value of +2, which basically makes it neutral in the dry/sweet range. I should also note it comes in a 720ml bottle.

On the nose, there is a light rice scent. In the mouth, it has a rich, creamy feel and a taste of steamed rice and a fruit flavor that is almost like a banana but not quite. It is very smooth with a good, long finish. It is well balanced and I very much enjoyed it. It easily can be drank alone though it would pair well with seafood too. At this price, it is a good buy, an easy-drinking Saké that should please most people.

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Anonymous said...

I drank this Sake once in LA, at a great fish and sushi restaurant. It was warned just right (forgot to ask which temperature). It made a great dinner unforgettable! It was heavenly!