Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WBW #43: Comfort Wines-Pleiades

Today is Wine Blogging Wednesday #43 and this month's theme was chosen by Joel Vincent of Wine Life Today and the Open Wine Consortium. This month's interesting theme was Comfort Wines. You had to choose a comfort wine and not only describe the wine but also talk about what makes the experience special and comforting.

Wine in general can be very comforting to me, especially a good red wine. Just pour a glass, sit in my big, comfy chair and either watch TV or read a good book. But, if I had to choose a specific wine, one that might be the most comforting, or which I turn to the most often, it would have to be Sean Thackrey's Pleiades. Any "vintage."

I have posted about Sean Thackrey: Maverick Wine Maker before. I have enjoyed his other wines as well, not just the Pleiades. But the Pleiades is his least expensive wine, generally running $25-35 a bottle. What especially brings the Pleiades to mind to me now is that I just received yesterday a case of the Pleiades XVI, the newest "vintage," which I ordered from Jill at Domaine547.

Why is it so comforting to me? One factor is that it seemed like fate when I had my first bottle of Pleiades XII. I had read about it in the magazines but had not seen it in any local stores. I then asked one of my local wine stores and they had a single bottle available. It had been dropped off as a sample by one of their distributors and they were willing to sell it to me. And when I took it off and drank it, I was impressed and excited. It was such a wonderful wine, so unique. My love affair with Pleiades has continued every since.

The Pleiades is such an interesting wine that I can easily sit, sip and reflect on the myriad flavors that caress my palate. Berries, spice, leather, smoke, violet, and much more. Each sip tantalizes and satisfies. And soon enough, as my attention centers on this enigmatic wine, the worries of the world seem to vanish and I am in a happier place. Yes, this is not a formal tasting note. But wouldn't such a note ruin the idea of a comfort wine? Shouldn't you just enjoy such a wine, rather than trying to analyze it?

I am even planning the ultimate comfort evening for myself, a vertical tasting of five Pleiades, XII to XVI. Now that should be heavenly.


Orion Slayer said...

I've always liked the star cluser (also known as the "Seven Sisters") but I didn't know there was a wine. I'll have to try it out! I found out about your blog through OpenWine Consortium.

Richard Auffrey said...

Hello Orion and welcome to my blog. You definitely should try this wine! And I hope you enjoy reading the rest of my blog.


Jacob Gaffney said...

Hi Richard, I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on Pleides... I'm not sure it would be right to give it a formal review.

One thing is for sure, whenever I come across a bottle, I grab it... it's great stuff.

Still looking for that £25+ Bonarda though :-)

Richard Auffrey said...

Hi Jacob:
I just had the Pleiades XVI last evening and Jill of Domaine547 was correct. It does need more time to sit in the bottle before really getting good. It is not bad now, and a friend of mine really liked it, but it will be much better by the summer.

Good luck in your Bonarda quest.