Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Culinary Coupling

As spring approaches, it is often said that the time for love has arrived. For those romantic foodies, a couple upcoming events might appeal to you.

One of Boston’s hottest new culinary couples, Rialto's chef de cuisine Carolyn Johnson, and her boyfriend, Icarus' chef de cuisine Bill Flumerfelt will join forces in their respective restaurant kitchens for a pair of three-course, Sunday suppers priced at only $40 per person. The fun will take place on Sunday, April 13 and Sunday, May 4.

Although the menus for these two events will reflect the culinary themes of these two highly respected but distinctly different restaurants, Carolyn and Bill are likely to put a more personal spin on the food. Both share a strong commitment to local products; so both dinners will feature top quality New England ingredients.

Carolyn and Bill met eight years ago while working together in Icarus’s tiny South End kitchen. After close to a year of chopping, sautéeing, and flirting, something was aflame, and it wasn’t just the grill. Just as their relationship blossomed, so did their careers. Carolyn headed for Ogunquit, Maine to work at Arrows, while Bill remained in the Bay State and worked as opening chef at Elements (Arlington) and Ashmont Grill (Dorchester). But the heat was not extinguished. Today this culinary power couple share living quarters, although they have never cooked together publicly.

On Sunday, April 13, Rialto chef/owner Jody Adams steps aside to allow Carolyn Johnson to shine. And on Sunday, May 4, Icarus chef/owner Chris Douglass will do the same for Bill Flumerfelt. To reserve for either dinner, see information below.

Rialto: Located in Harvard Square, Rialto offers regional Italian cuisine interpreted with New England ingredients in a casually elegant atmosphere. The menu changes monthly but always features classic Rialto dishes such as Tuscan Wolf’s Neck Sirloin and Fishermen’s Soup.
Dinner hours are Monday-Friday from 5:30pm–10pm and Saturday from 5:30pm–11pm and Sunday from 5:30pm-9pm.
One Bennet Street, Cambridge, Phone: 617-661-5050

Icarus: Icarus enjoys a reputation as one of the top fine dining destinations in Boston, and ranks among the upper echelon in the Zagat Survey among others. With its longstanding commitment to sustainability, diners can expect fresh New England cuisine with ingredients sourced from local farms and clean waters.
Dinner is served from 6 PM daily by reservation.
Three Appleton Street, Boston, Phone: 617-426-1790

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