Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saké Sunday: Tsukasabotan Fu-in Junmai Ginjo

It was time to open another bottle of Saké from the assorted case I recently bought at Sakaya in New York City. So far everything had been a good choice and I hoped the streak would continue.

The Tsukasabotan Fu-in Junmai Ginjo ($41.99 for 720ml) is from the Kochi Prefecture. This Saké's name translates as “King of Peony.” The rice, Yamadanishiki, for this Saké was polished to 60% and it has an alcohol content of 15-16%. It also has a Saké Meter Value of +3, which means it is slightly dry. As you can see in the first picture above, this Saké bottle comes packaged in an ornate bag with a string tie. Sometimes a fancy package can hide an inferior product but that is not the case here.

My favorite style of Saké is generally Junmai Ginjo and the Tsukasabotan is the perfect example of why I enjoy them so much. It is a smooth, easy drinking Saké with a complex melange of fruit, including melon, banana, and apple. It has good acidity, a long finish and is just so very pleasing to drink. This is the type of bottle I could sit and drink all night long. It would pair well with many light foods, especially fish that is not too fatty.

This is also a Saké that I would recommend to those new to Saké. I think it has plenty of flavor and it is very accessible to those who have not yet acquired a taste for Saké. It reminds me of an excellent white wine. It may be a bit pricey for those new to Saké, but I think it will give you an excellent idea of what quality Saké tastes like and hopefully convert you to enjoying Saké.


Miss K said...

I enjoy this sake as well! It's aroma blossoms quietly on the palate (with food) and enhances the flavor of sashimi like ika and hamachi! It is not a heavy one--it's subtle yet full and round. Clean and smooth. It's got banana, melon and a hint of rose. Very delicate and I agree with you-- this is something I can enjoy all day, any time of the day, with or without food! It is so easy to sip and savor, but it's the quality that makes it so. I would never buy cheapo sake as it is not worth it...and this is worth every penny spent. I will continue to have this in my chiller and nearby :) Great review, by the way!

Richard Auffrey said...

Miss K,
Hi and welcome to my blog! I am glad you enjoyed this sake as well. It is always great to meet another sake lover. And thanks for the compliment about my review.