Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sakaya: A Return Visit

On my recent trip to New York, I did not have much extra time to spend in Manhattan as my primary business was on Long Island. But I made sure to make some time to stop by Sakaya, an all-Saké store in the East Village. They have an excellent selection of Saké and I just had to buy some.

On this visit, I had the distinct pleasure to meet Rick Smith, a former associate publisher at Food & Wine, and co-owner (with his wife, Hiroko Furukawa) of Sakaya. I had only met Hiroko on my previous visit so was glad to get to meet Rick this time. He was very personable and obviously passionate about Saké.

I placed myself in Rick's hands, asking for his Saké recommendations. I gave him my list of prior purchases, so he would not duplicate them, and Rick pointed out some interesting choices. I bought what he recommended so I look forward to seeing how those Sakés taste. Though I have no worries about what I bought.

My purchases include:
Hiraizumi "Splashing Spring Water" Tokebetsu Junmai Yamahai
Tsukasa Botan Senchu Hassaku Tokebetsu Junmai
Denemon Junmai Ginjo
Sato No Homare "Pride of the Village" Junmai Ginjo
Kamoshibito Kuheiji Muroka Junmain Ginjo

I also bought another Shochu, the Satoh Kuro which is made from sweet potato.

If you already enjoy Saké, then you have to visit this store if you go to New York City. If you still have not embraced the hoys of Saké, you should still go and maybe find a wonderful new beverage. I will certainly return on my new trip to NYC. And maybe I will see you there.

324 East 9th Street
New York, NY
Phone: 212-505-SAKE

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