Monday, September 29, 2008

WBW #50: Which Wine, Which Wilderness

The theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday #50 has now been announced and it is fitting with the start of autumn. Russ of Winehiker Witiculture is this month's host and his theme is touches on the foucs of his own wine blog. His theme is: Which Wine, Which Wilderness.

What does that theme entail? You must imagine that you and your significant other are seeking one final outing before winter arrives, an outdoor picnic enjoying a fine autumn day. Which wine would you bring with you for this picnic? What would be fitting for the season and the ambiance of the wilderness?

You can earn bonus points in various ways. "You get bonus points for choosing a wine that is made locally to you, double bonus points for sharing the name of the wilderness you would walk in, triple bonus points for sharing the name of the trailhead and how to get there, and a gazillion bonus points for actually walking that trail, enjoying your selected wine on a post-hike picnic, and describing your day of outdoor adventure for your readers. But by all means, do describe the wine!"

It will be easy in New England to decide on a wilderness area where I could go on such a picnic, though timing wise I probably won't get a chance to actually go there.

On or before, Wednesday, October 8, post your tasting review on your blog. Then just add a comment on Russ' post with a link to your review. As October 8 is next week, you don't have much time remaining so get to it and find that perfect wine.

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