Thursday, September 11, 2008

Le Patissier: Souffle

I was in Boston the other evening, on Boylston Street, for a wine tasting which ended around 8pm. I felt a yearning for something sweet. I was not too far from Finales but I really wanted to return to Le Patissier, the new desserterie at Troquet. After attending a recent dessert tasting there and having an excellent experience, I wanted to try one of their regular desserts. Especially one of their souffles.

Pastry Chef Sarah Woodfine was at her station and with the open kitchen area, you can watch her prepare your dessert. There were two souffles on the menu, a Chocolate and an Apple Crisp ($11.75). With apples in season, I decided to go for that one which also came with a Caramel Calvados sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. In addition, I got a glass of the Muscat that came recommended with the souffle.

I eagerly waited for the souffle, watching Sarah make it. It really did not take long at all to arrive. The souffle looked perfect, a nice crusty top with a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Sarah broke the crusty top and added some of the sauce. The ice cream was in its own dish on the side. A nice presentation. And the taste?

Decadently delicious! A nice crusty exterior with its soft custardy interior, with cubes of fresh apples, cinnamon and maybe a couple other spices as well. Perfect souffle consistency. The sauce was also excellent, not overly thick and with plenty of sweet flavor. I made sure to finish every bite of this dessert. The ice cream, homemade as all of their ice creams are, had a rich vanilla taste and was very creamy. I highly recommend this dessert and I almost had to order the chocolate souffle as well, though my self-control took hold.

The Muscat also made a very good accompaniement. It was mildly sweet, not cloyingly so, and had some nice fruit notes that went well with the apple souffle.

If you enjoy dessert, and who doesn't, then you should check out Le Patissier. They have home-made desserts which should please anyone. And if you love souffle, then this is definitely the place to go. I will be back to try that chocolate souffle, as well as some of their other concoctions.

Le Patissier
140 Boylston Street
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-695-9463

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