Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boston Globe Highlights Some Adonna Import Wines

In the today's Boston Globe, their "Plonk of the Month" column provides recommendations for five inexpensive Italian wines. Of those five wines, at least three of them are distributed by Adonna Imports, one of my favorite distributors.

Their wines include: 2004 Le Piane "La Maggiorina" Colline Novaresi, 2006 Martilde Oltrepo Pavese Barbera and 2006 G.D. Vajra Langhe Rosso. I would second the Globe's recommendations of both the La Maggiorina and Langhe Rosso. I have not had the Oltrepo before though I have had other wines from that winery that I enjoyed.

Though the Globe provided some stores where you can find these wines, there are other locations as well where you can buy them. Just ask if your local wine store carries wines from Adonna Imports.

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Taster A said...

I’ve never been disappointed by any of the wines from the Adonna portfolio. I’m glad to see Adonna get the recognition.