Monday, March 8, 2010

Avila: Pinchos Competition

Avila Modern Mediterranean will host its first ever “Pinchos Party” on March 28th, from 1pm-4pm. This “Battle of the Small Plates” will establish which chef has the best “pinchos” in the city. Guests will delight in these popular creations by many names – be it sfizi, meze, piattini or pinchos – and have a chance to mingle with the guest chefs while judging their small bites based on flavor complexity, creativity, presentation and overall taste. The chef with the crowd-favorite pincho creation will receive a grand prize and reign supreme with the title of “Superstar of Small Plates.”

Participating chefs include: Rodney Murillo (Avila Modern Mediterranean); Evan Percoco (BOKX 109 American Prime); Dante de Magistris (Restaurant dante/il Casale); Anthony Caturano (Prezza); Tony Susi (Teatro); Marc Orfaly (Marco/Pigalle); Andy Husbands (Tremont 647); and Evan Deluty (Stella).

Cost: Only $25 per person

Who doesn't love small plates? It is a great way to have a diversity of foods when you go to to a restaurant. Some of my favorite restaurants serve small plates and this event sounds like it will be quite tasty.

Avila Modern Mediterranean
One Charles South
Boston, MA
Phone: 617.267.4810

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