Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clink: Sweet Potato Fries

As I have said before, sometimes you find the most amazing dishes in places you don't expect. Who would have thought I'd find perfect sweet potato fries as I sat next to prison bars?

The Liberty Hotel recently hosted a Greek wine tasting (which I will post about soon) and prior to the tasting, I thought it would be wise to have some lunch. It is always better to have a full belly before trying to tackle fifty or more wines.

I really like the decor of the hotel, which was once the location of the Charles Street Jail. They have kept some of the original construction, including some prison bars, and I feel they add to the ambiance of the place. One of their restaurants is Clink, which retains some of that prison atmosphere. The Executive Chef at Clink is Joseph Margate, who I have met at other food events. He is a humble and talented chef, though I had not previously dined at Clink. I have though tasted some of Joseph's dishes at prior events.

So, prior to the Greek tasting, my friend Jackie and I decided to lunch at Clink. The rest of the food is somewhat of a blur, overshadowed by the phenomenal sweet potato fries. Most times I have had such fries, they are limp and almost soggy. They can be very thin and despite a decent taste, just don't satisfy enough. I never quite understood why they couldn't be made better. Well Chef Margate obviously knows the secret.

His fries were very crisp, like an excellent regular french fry, with a light, fluffy interior possessing that delicious sweet potato flavor. Lightly salted, they were thoroughly addictive, the best sweet potato fries I can remember having. Just imagine a top notch french fry, and then change it to sweet potato. I would have lunch there again, happily just devouring a large bowl of those fries. It is a simple food, but so satisfying.

If you love sweet potato fries, then rush down to Clink!

215 Charles St
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: (617) 224-4004

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Constance C said...

I love sweet potato fries & the Liberty Hotel! I will definitely have to try some!

Richard Auffrey said...

You definitely will enjoy them! And I can't wait to return and have them again.