Friday, August 24, 2007

Bangkok Spice

I stopped in a small, hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant for lunch called Bangkok Spice. Located on Haven Street in Reading, I have heard some very good things about it so I figured to give it a try.

The restaurant has only about 7-8 tables. While I read over the lunch menu, I was brought a small bowl of soup. I guess the soup comes with all of the lunch dishes. The soup had some thin noodles, a couple tiny pieces of chicken, and a few scallions. The clear broth was very tasty, with a bit of sweetness. The noodles and chicken were good too. I don't know what name of the soup but it was delicious.

The lunch menu includes a few appetizers, noodle/rice dishes, curry dishes and combination plates. Plates range from $5.95-$7.95, so prices are reasonable. With the curry and combo plates, you get to choose between chicken, duck, beef, pork, shrimp, scallops, squid and tofu vegetarian.

I chose the Massaman Curry dish with chicken ($7.25). This is usually the first dish I order at a new Thai restaurant, as it gives me a good standard upon which to judge the restaurant. This Massaman dish was a bit different as it came with additional veggies, including green peppers and zucchini. But my server told me it would be no problem to omit those veggies that I did not like. This indicates that dishes are made to order which is a good thing.

When the Curry arrived, it was a good-sized plate with plenty of chicken, some big chunks of potato, a mound of rice, and some veggies. There was even a small Thai roll on the side of the plate. A nice addition. The Curry sauce was mild with a good coconut taste. I was pleased with the food. I did notice that the other lunches that people were eating were fairly large plates too. At the price, this is a good value lunch stop.

The dinner menu has more options and the prices remain reasonable. The dinner Massaman Curry with Chicken is only $8.95.

I will return again to try more of the menu. For now, I do think it makes for a good lunch.

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