Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wine Spectator: Cooking Issue

In keeping with the theme of cooking, I received my copy today of the September 30th issue of Wine Spectator. This is their annual Food issue, their third year of such annuals. This issue concentrates on "How To Cook" providing helpful advice on a wide variety of cooking techniques. I have enjoyed their last two food annuals and this issue is no different. If you enjoy cooking, definitely pick up a copy. There are even recipes from some famous chefs such as Daniel Bouloud, Mario Batali and Alice Waters.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words about Wine Spectator's annual food issue. If "Passionate Foodies" find it useful, we feel we are on the right track.

Thomas Matthews
Executive editor
Wine Spectator

Richard Auffrey said...

Hello Thomas and welcome to my blog. I have been a subscriber to Wine Spectator for a few years, and a reader for even longer. I do find much of value in your magazine and the food issues are one of those benefits. I know the magazine takes much flak for its Point Scoring system. But, I think much of the criticism ignores the many educational and informative articles in the magazine. Keep up the good work!