Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Zaleks Grill & Seafood

The other day I stopped for lunch at Zaleks in Wakefield. Located just off Main Street, on Princess Street, it is basically a roast beef/seafood joint. But it may be one of the most ambitious such joints I have ever seen.

It is a very casual place. You can sit at one of the tables inside or outside. You might only be able to fit about twenty people at the tables inside. You order at the counter and pick up your order when it is ready. I do not know if they have waitress service at night or not.

One look at their menu though indicates their ambition. You start with roast beef sandwiches, burgers, rolls, wraps and other sandwiches. There are also fried seafood dinners, salads, sandwich dinners and the usual side orders. They also have grilled thin crust pizza, steak tip dinners, and house specialities. More unusual for this type of restaurant, they also have char-grilled fish dinner as well as USDA Prime steaks!

You could order a 16 oz. NY Sirloin Strip for $17.95 or a 10 0z. Filet for $18.95. Or maybe Swordfish ($14.95), Ahi-Tuna ($11.95), or Salmon ($10.95). With the size of their menu, you might have difficulty deciding what to order.

I had one of the House Specialties, the Monte Christo ($5.75). The Monte Cristo has long been one of my favorite sandwiches, though few restaurants carry it. At Zaleks, it is ham, turkey, and swiss cheese on Challah bread, dipped in egg batter and grilled. It is like a sandwich on French Toast. The sandwich comes with French Fries.

The sandwich was certainly very full of meat and cheese. It was a good sandwich, and something I would order again. The Fries were ok. They were shoe string Fries which are far from my favorites. They were cooked fine, not overdone. I just prefer different types of Fries. I think this sandwich was worth the price.

I do plan on returning to Zaleks to try more of their food.

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