Monday, August 13, 2007

Latest Wine Stats

StreetInsider has an interesting article on the latest wine consumption statistics for the U.S. for 2006. This information is based on the information from the 2007 edition of the Adams Wine Handbook.

U.S. wine consumption in 2006 rose 3.4%, the 13th consecutive year of rising consumption. Domestic wine sales rose 2.6% and imported wines rose 5.7%.

It is interesting to see that more people are drinking wine from other countries. Consumers are expanding their horizons which is good to see. So where is this wine coming from?

Imports from Italy rose 6.7%, Australia rose 6.8% and France rose 21.9%. Italy is still king as they have 29.3% share of all U.S. imported wines. French wines have seen two years of increase which definitely must please them as they had been seeing decreases for several prior years. This year's increase is certainly very significant. Mmmmm,..where is Spain?

The largest imported brands include the Australian Yellow Tail at 8.1 million cases (+7.3%), the Italian Cavit at 3 million cases (+13.2%) and the Chilean Concha y Toro at 2.7 million cases (-2.6%).

The largest domestic brand is Franzia Winetaps at 22.8 million cases (-3.2%) and second place goes to Carlo Rossi at 12.7 million cases (+2.6%). Third place belongs to Twin Valley at 8.9 million cases (-5.9%).

Champagne and sparkling wines gained 3.8%, the fifth consecutive year of gains, to at 13.4 million cases. Dessert and fortified wines continued to decline last year, although the sake and imported port and sherry segments each continued on an upward climb.

I am glad to see that Japanese sake and Spanish sherry are doing well. Let us hope to see continued gains in the years to come.

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