Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Barbara Lynch: Empress of Food

Barbara Lynch is a famed Boston chef, and that fame is much deserved. She is creating her own culinary empire in Boston, with many diverse and excellent establishments. Currently she owns No. 9 Park, B&G Oysters, Butcher Shop, Plum Produce and Niche Catour. No.9 Park is her high end restaurant near the State House. It is a superb place with great food and a fine wine list. B&G Oysters is her seafood restaurant, specializing in oysters. The Butcher Shop is both a restaurant and butcher shop. Plum Produce sells fruits and vegetables. And Niche Catour is her catering business.

Her empire continues to grow!

Today's Boston Herald mentions that Barbara Lynch has just opened Stir, next to the Butcher Shop. Stir will be a combination bookstore, library and test kitchen. Barbara will run cooking classes there as well, starting next Monday.

But that is not all. The August 2007 issue of Boston magazine states that Barbara Lynch will be opening several places in the Fort Point neighborhood, including a fine-dining restaurant, a daytime cafe and a cocktail lounge. They are supposed to open next spring.

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Anonymous said...

I am usually a huge Barbara Lynch fan, but I hated her new place Drink. It was the worst bar/restaurant experience I have ever had. The food was at best unimaginative and to be frank a lot of it tasted really horrible.

I was willing to "forgo" the food because of what I thought was going to be a wonderful "drink" experience. Well, it wasn't. The bartender was slow and incredibly condescending and pretentious. It was as if he was doing us a huge favor by serving us. I started by ordering a cucumber mojito. He said he could do it, and then served me something completely different that had Chartruese and no cucumbers at all. I then asked for a "dirty martini" and he said he couldn't do it... I'm sorry, that's a classic - how can a place that calls itself "drink" not be able to do that? Then we asked for the "scorpion bowl" and that was also pedestrian at best.

The consensus on the 7 people who were there with me was that we are not going back.