Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fantasy Wine Investment

Fantasy football, baseball and other sports are very popular. Fantasy investment games are less popular though they do have their adherents. For those who love wine, a fantasy wine investment game might just be appealing.

Decanter magazine, a British wine magazine, runs a Wine Investment game. Though it is not a short game. In fact, you have to wait two years for the results. The results for their 2005 game were recently released. Unfortunately, the deadline for entering their 2007 game is already over.

In the 2007 game, you receive 10,000 pounds to purchase a portfolio of wine. There are 25 different wines you can choose. You can purchase as much of any single wine as you want. Then, two years later, in 2009, your portfolio will be examined to see how much its value has risen. The portfolio that is worth the most will be declared the winner.

This may be a long time to play such a game, but then wine does not usually appreciate too quickly. It might be more interesting if there was a "draft" and that the wines were limited in number. One key is also finding your authoritative source for determining the price of the wines, when you purchase them and for their final values at the end of the game. For example, Wine Spectator has lists of prices of certain wines, especially those which frequently are involved in auctions.

I think alternative versions of this wine investment game could be interesting and fun. Anyone game?

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