Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beija Patio Bar: July 11

Have you tried Beija yet? Beija is a new Brazilian Cachaca, also known as a virgin cane rum, that I think is great just on the rocks or mixed in any number of cocktails.

Why not stop by the Beija Patio Bar kick off party at The Foundation Lounge in Kenmore Square on Friday, July 11. There will be a VIP Reception from 9-10pm when Beija will pick up your first cocktail. Just RSVP to The Patio opens then at 10pm with Special Caipirinhas all night. This is an open invite event, no guest list, no cover.


Anonymous said...

Caipirinha is one of my favorite drinks... besides wine.

philgomes said...

If you're interested in exploring more about cachaça, along with me, check out the blog that I just started during my last trip to Rio visiting the in-laws: