Thursday, July 3, 2008

St. Germain: All Over Boston

I recently posted about the St. Germain cocktail that I took to a summer party and which was a big hit. I was a pleasant surprise to read today's Boston Globe and found an article about St. Germain, "A sweet summer pick? St-Germain is the one."

The article gives some descriptive background on the liquer and then provides a list of local restaurants/bars that serve St. Germain, including listing some of the cocktails. Maybe you want to try a Hit of Sunshine that combines St. Germain, raspberry puree and champagne. Or a San Germargarita with Patron silver tequila, fresh lime juice and agave nectar. There are plenty of options so I recommend that you check out the Globe article.

What is your favorite St. Germain cocktail?

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