Monday, July 14, 2008

Returned from NYC

It was with some reluctance that I returned from New York City yesterday. I had a great time and it certainly was an excellent place to celebrate my birthday. So you can soon look forward to reviews from my trip.

There will be restaurant reviews of the Japanese restaurant Megu, the famed Le Bernardin, the South African wine bar Xai Xai, and breakfasts at Les Halles and L'Express. Such great food, from simple comfort food to more elaborate and fancy concoctions.

There will also be reviews of a few wine stores, including the all-Sake store Sakaya, Italian Wine Merchants and Astor Wines. I bought a case and a half of assorted wines and easily could have bought three times that, if not more. Such a great selection available.

There might be a couple other reviews as well so stay tuned.

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