Monday, July 7, 2008

WineS Magazine: A Further Review

It seems that most wine magazines assume you already possess a certain level of knowledge about wine. So for someone new to wine, these magazines are of very limited use. But there is an alternative.

I recently reviewed WineS Magazine, a wine magazine I stumbled upon in a local book store. WineS is more of a wine educational magazine than a wine review magazine. As such, I thought it filled a gap in the world of wine periodicals. It is a very approachable magazine, the articles are well written and appears well researched as well.

After that review, the publisher sent me the four back issues of the magazine. Their first WineS was published in October 2007. There were subsequent issues in December 2007, February 2008, May 2008 and July 2008 (the current issue). I have persused the back issues and definitely reiterate the comments I made in my original review. I really like this magazine and think that anyone new to wine, or wants to learn more about wine, should read it.

The magazine has covered many interesting topics, from a three-part history of wine to the truths and myths about wine and health. You can also find articles on a history of corkscrews, how to navigate a restaurant wine list, information on collecting and storing wine, ice wine, wine and food pairings, and much more.

The articles are presented in an easy to understand format that also does not condescend. the magazine's primary goal is to educate and it certainly adheres to that goal. It does not try to tell you which wines you should drink. Forget wine points, forget tasting reviews. Instead, learn, experiment, taste and trust your own palate. This is the type of magazine I wish had been around when I was first getting into wine.

You can order a subscription online, or pick up copies at Barnes & Nobles or WineStyles.

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