Thursday, July 17, 2008

An Interview with a Passionate Foodie

Cathy Huyghe of 365 Days of Wine is a local wine blogger and writer and if you have not checked out her blog, then you should. It is filled with interesting information about wine, especially concerning the Boston area. You might also want to sign up for her weekly newsletter to keep updated.

One intriguing element of her blog are the Twenty Questions, a series of interviews with people involved in the world of food and wine. She has interviewed people such as Diane Manahan (the owner of Pamplemousse in Salem), Richard Elia (Publisher of Quarterly Review of Wines), John Hafferty (managing partner of Bin Ends in Braintree), and Michael Meagher (sommelier at Sel De La Terre in Boston).

This week, I am the subject of her Twenty Questions so please go read my interview and learn more about me. You will learn about my background, my past experiences as well as my objectives for my own food/wine blog. I hope you enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay on this comment Richard, but great article. Although I knew quite a bit about you already, it's a great opportunity for others to get some of that great information as well. Thanks for sharing it!

PS: oh, and 3 gold stars for promoting Spanish wine as well ;-)

Richard Auffrey said...

No apologies needed. And thanks very much for your comment. It was fun to do the 20 questions. And good to have another forum to help spread the word about Spanish wines.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richard. I receive Cathy's newsletter every week and read your interview. You were right on when asked about local wineries. I personally think that there is plenty of room for improvement but I'm confident that we'll achieve surprising results with locally grown still wines within a very near future. I'm very excited to be an aspiring winemaker in the Southeastern Massachusetts AVA and feel very lucky that I have the opportunity to work with locally grown fruit. At the same time, people like you can help us promote our wines across New England. Keep up the great work you are doing educating people about wine.

Richard Auffrey said...

Hi Marco and welcome to my blog!

Thanks for your comments. I certainly believe New England has much potential and that time will show the good wines that can be produced here. I wish you the best of luck with your winery.

Anonymous said...

That's a neat interview and lots of good advice there for the aspiring blogger. I check your blog often as it so useful for me as a Boston-area wine enthusiast.