Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Marty's & Pleaides XI

While wandering through Allston, I stopped by Marty's Wines. I have recommended Marty's before as I think they have an excellent selection and reasonable prices. For example, they carry a number of wines from Georgia (the country not the state). They also have a fair selection of Japanese Sake. They also have numerous email lists you can join to find out when they receive various new wines as well as special buys. Whenever I am in the area, I stop by Marty's.

And I am very glad that I did. I am a major fan of the wines of Sean Thackrey. I think they are very unique, well-crafted wines. His entry level wine, the Pleaides, is an unusual blend of grapes. It is a nonvintage wine and each production receives a Roman numeral. His latest production is the XVI, which was released several months ago. I have Pleiades going back to XII and have been planning a vertical tasting for the future, to taste five different Pleiades.

But at Marty's, I found five bottles of Pleaides XI!!! It was only $30 a bottle and I purchased all of them. I have never had an XI before so this will be a treat. And now my vertical will have six different Pleiades. I am a very happy wine enthusiast.

Marty's Wines
193 Harvard Avenue
Allston, MA
Phone: 617-782-3250

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