Saturday, July 19, 2008

WBW #48: Back to Your Roots

Next month is the 4th Anniversary of Wine Blogging Wednesday. That is certainly a significant milestone in the world of wine blogging. Lenn, of Lenndevours, is the creator of Wine Blogging Wednesday and he has chosen the theme for edition #48, the Anniversary special.

The theme is "Back to Your Roots," a journey down memory lane to the wines that helped set us on our paths. So choose a wine from your early days with wine and taste it again and see how it fares the test of time. Or maybe you can select a wine that you used to drink a lot in your early days, but which you don't really drink now. For a fuller explanation, check out Lenn's post on the theme.

For myself, I will probably select a wine that really sparked my interest in the beginning of my wine path. I have done the White Zinfandel and Riunite Lambrusco route. Yet those were not the wines that truly started me forward in the world of wine. I will spend some time pondering the matter, searching my memories to find just the right wine.

On or before Wednesday, August 13, post your tasting notes on your blog, on the Wine Blogging Wednesday community site, or in the comments at Lenndevours. I think we will have lots of participation for this theme so it will be interesting to see all the wines that people select.

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