Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cocktail Week: July 15-21

In the tradition of Restaurant Week, Stuff at Night magazine and Bacardi have begun the First Annual Cocktail Week. Starting today and continuing until July 21, a number of Boston restaurants, bars and clubs will be offering signature cocktails groupings, some with food, at the special price of $20.08.

Each establishment has also contributed, for a total of over $5000, to the Boston charity "Young Friends of Rogerson." This group is dedictaed to raising funds for Rogerson Communities' Elder Assistance Fund which helps low-income elders during extenuating hardships.

Over 50 establishments are participating and you can check out the First Annual Cocktail Week for a list of the participators as well as to see what they are offering. Many of the drink offerings use various Bacardi products and most seem to provide an appetizer as well.

I think the idea of Cocktail Week is intriguing though it might be more interesting if Bacardi was not the predominant liquor and that the restaurants could showcase any type of cocktail. That would provide more variety and allow for more innovation.

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