Thursday, July 31, 2008

2007 Weingut Michlits Frizzante Blanc de Pinot Noir

What enticed me to buy this wine was not the fact that it was organic/biodynamic but just the simple fact that is was a Frizzante Rose. I very much enjoy Rose and thought that a bit of effervescence in it would also be quite enjoyable. I have had other Rose Sparkling Wines, but they have usually had the usual level of carbonation like a Champagne. Sometimes I want a bit less carbonation, though more than a still wine.

The 2007 Weingut Michlits Frizzante Blanc de Pinot Noir (about $17) is made in the Burgenland region of Austria. The winery itself is located on the east side of Lake Neusiedl, next to the edge of the Hungarian lowland plains. The winery is organic and certified biodynamic. Their website has details about their biodynamic philosophy. They also raise Angus cattle on their property.

The wine only has an alcohol content of 11%. It also has a vibrant pink color and the bottle contains a more unsual cork. There was string tied around the cork, which stuck out a short bit out of the bottle. It almost resembled a Champagne cork except it was much smaller. You could not twist off this cork. It needed a corkscrew. When I opened it, there was a quick rush of bubbles but they soon dissipated. The wine has more of a floral scent with a tinge of strawberry. But on the palate, the fruit flavors took over, ripe strawberry and raspberry. It was a dry wine with just that hint of effervescence, making it very refreshing.

I very much enjoyed this wine, and it would make a good apertif or a summer sipper.


Anonymous said...

We've been drinking this rose all summer. Now we are trying to find more before the summer is over. Any suggestions? The wine store that we originally bought it from said it's done!

Richard Auffrey said...

I think I got this wine at Lower Falls Wine Co. so you could give them a call and see if they still have it. The link to their store is on my site under "Wine Stores."

Anonymous said...

We have this wine in stock at West Concord Liquors.

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