Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saké Sunday: Uni & Saké Bombs

As I have said before, I think that Saké Bombs are a waste of good Saké. so I was dismayed to see an advertisement in The Weekly Dig for Saké Bomb Sundays At Uni.

Uni is running a special on Sundays, a 4-course prix fixe menu with a Sapporo beer and Saké for only $35. As Uni can be pricey, this is a very good deal. But, the ad gives you directions on how to drink a Saké Bomb, the whole dropping your Saké glass into the beer. And they even tell you to use a high quality Saké!

The amount of Saké is very small compared to the amount of beer so you really are not going to get much flavor from the Saké. And you are going to lose all the complexity of the Saké, especially of a high quality Saké. If you are going to drink a Saké bomb, I would recommend an inexpensive Saké. Though I recommend that you don't drink them at all. Drink your beer and Saké separately and enjoy the merits of each on their own.

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