Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saké, Hot Dogs & Baseball

Would you like to be able to buy Saké at Fenway Park while watching the Red Sox? What kind of Saké pairs best with a Fenway Frank? These are interesting questions and maybe in the future you will have those options. If you lived on the West Coast though, such questions would be relevant now.

The latest newsletter (April 2009) from True Saké, San Francisco's all-Saké store, has provided some intriguing news. Saké will be sold at Opening Day at the AT&T Park for the San Francisco Giants home opener. In Japan, they sell Saké at major sporting events and now it is time for the U.S. to do the same.

True Saké has partnered with American Beverages Services, the largest alcohol vendors for stadiums and arena across the US, Canada, Mexico, and many South American countries. The SF Giants will be a test, to see how well Saké sells. You will find a "True Saké Stand" there which will sell two different types of imported Saké. If all goes well, they hope to open ten more Saké stands at various baseball ballparks around the country before the All-Star Break, and maybe even more by October. Could Fenway Park be in their plans?

Who knows? They might even spread these Saké stands to other sports too.

I think this is great news and I wish True Saké the best of luck. Check out their newsletter for the whole story. And if you do visit AT&T Park, please order Saké!

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